Reactions as Don Jazzy Electrical Shop Surfaces; Says He Repairs Only Vibrators [VIDEO]

Don Jazzy, a popular singer and record label head, reacted playfully to a video after discovering that he runs an electrical store without realizing it, claiming that he mainly repairs vibrators.

After stumbling across an electrical shop named DonJazzy Electrical Shop, the record mogul released a video of some individuals inquiring when Don Jazzy established an electrical shop, and he turned the whole thing humorous by making a joke out of it.

He encouraged his fans to contact him if they have any electrical issues, and he also stated that he repairs vibrators for females, implying that they should contact him if their vibrators become spoilt so he can repair them so they can use them again.

If it had been someone else, the individual might not have taken it lightly that his or her name was used on an electrical shop, but Don Jazzy went so far as to re-post the video on his page, effectively advertising for the person.

He wrote: ”If you need electrician, call me. I Dey repair vibrator wey don spoil.”

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