Trouble in the Paradise? Sandra Iheuwa Removes Her Husband’s Name from Her Bio, Moves out from His House

Sandra Iheuwa and her husband Steve Thompson have given the idea that all is not well in paradise, as she uses his name in her Instagram bio and he uses his husband’s story.
Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson’s marriage is said to be in trouble just months after they married, as she removes her husband’s name from her bio after allegedly packing her belongings out of their marital home.

Sandra Iheuwa added her husband’s name to her Instagram bio after they married, and her husband, in turn, made the world aware that he’s now a husband, but they’ve both removed it, leaving us to wonder if there’s trouble in paradise.

Sandra Iheuwa, who is extremely pregnant, has packed out of her husband’s house, according to a post noticed online, due of adultery on the man’s side, and taking down his name from her bio insinuates it’s genuine.

Many people wished her marriage crush well after she began peppering them, and I’m guessing that’s what’s about to happen now that she’s apparently packed her belongings and left her husband’s house since he’s cheating on her while she’s heavily pregnant for him.

Whatever the issue between them is, we hope they are able to resolve it quickly because their marriage is far too young to be in trouble; it hasn’t even been a year for you to say he’s bored of sticking with one lady long enough for him to cheat on her.

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