Mompha Returns to Nigeria Amid Bobrisky’s Disgrace in Benin, Drama Awaits

Ismaila Mustapha, also known as Mompha, a billionaire, has returned to Nigeria.

This comes after Bobrisky, his erstwhile friend and alleged gay partner, was reportedly shamed in Benin, Edo state.

Bobrisky was thrown out of Benin by irate teenagers after making a contemptuous statement about the Oba of Benin, according to Gistlover.

Bobrisky has released a video in which he brags about peppering Benin and painting the city red. The Oba of Benin, he continued, should come and marry him.

This infuriated Benin citizens, who rushed to social media to criticize him.

Bobrisky was reportedly kicked out of the city after that.

However, this comes just a few weeks after Bobrisky and Mompha got into an online squabble. Bobrisky implied that he and Mompha were dating, and Mompha requested him to disprove the rumor.

Mompha threatened to sue Bobrisky after the two exchanged comments on social media.

Bobrisky was forced to issue a disclaimer as a result of this.

Bobrisky stated in the disclaimer that he and Mompha were merely friends and never dated.

Mompha, on the other hand, has threatened to deal with Bobrisky when he gets in Nigeria.

Mompha has recently revealed that he is in Nigeria on his verified Instagram feed.

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