Nigerian businessman reveals why he bought his wife a car

The real reason why a Nigerian businessman named Olatunbosun purchased his wife a car has been revealed.

The travel expert said in a Twitter post that he persuaded his wife to take driving lessons and obtain her driver’s license.

He also said that he purchased her a new automobile, ostensibly out of love, but the true reason was that he was weary of driving to the store.

The Cyprus-based businessman was reportedly bored of running errands for their home and decided to acquire his wife her own automobile.

He tweeted, “Pushed my wife to learn how to drive, get her license, got her a car and all that, it’s all love from this end. But truly, na because i don taya to dey go supermarket.”

A Nigerian gentleman recently shared on Twitter how the absence of his spouse causes him to experience existential crisis, and surprisingly, many other spouses could identify to his situation. The complete gist can be found here.

@Chukwuemekazee, a Twitter user, shared how whenever his wife leaves the house, he feels as if his life has lost meaning.

He wrote,

Anytime this woman leaves the house it’s just as if my life has lost purpose. Is this how the marriage thing is??

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