“Men Don’t Hate Nagging But Hate Correction” – Blessing Okoro Schools Women

The practice of nagging is one of the things that most guys have revealed. In their homes, some women have been identified as chronic naggers.

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, commonly known as Blessing CEO, a Nigerian relationship expert and influencer, has stated that the only thing men despise is correction.

Blessing, a relationship consultant, has a different take on men and nagging.

In a post shared on Blessing Okoro’s Facebook, she claimed that most men despise being chastised when they make mistakes, rather than nagging spouses.

She added that the stereotypes of “women nag” and “I despise nagging” stemmed from males who refused to accept their partners’ corrections.

Women, on the other hand, should nag their partners but know when to quit, according to the relationship guru. Blessing said that her mother’s nagging averted an accident for his father.

She captioned her post,

“Women it’s ok to nag if he no one hear word 😀. My mum’s nag saved my dad from accident. Just know when to stop”.

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