“Both Genders Are Attracted to Me So I Know for a Fact I’m not Ugly” – twerker Jane Mena

Controversial Jane Mena, an Instagram dancer, has resorted to social media to reveal that she is sexually attractive to both men and women.

She revealed this in a post on her Instagram page, where she boasted about her appearance and attitude.

The fact that she attracts both genders, she claims, proves that she is not as ‘ugly’ as some people claim. She went on to say that she is also sweet and attractive.

Sharing a lovely photo of herself, she wrote,

I attract both genders so I know for a fact I’m not ug*y. I’m freaking beautiful, kind, Hawt asf.”

Meanwhile, Funmilayo Adebayo a.k.a Mummy G.O, Evangelist of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC), has released a video of herself enjoying a wonderful time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The evangelist, who became a social media sensation with her fire-and-brimstone sermons, videotaped herself in a fancy hotel in the Asian country while wearing her pajamas.

She can be seen wearing a bathrobe, but with a cloth underneath it, and smiling and appearing satisfied with herself.

The video has since gone viral online, with many people asking if she received the Covid-19 vaccine before entering the foreign city, despite her extreme opposition to the vaccine.

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