Obi Cubana offers Lagos hawker scholarship and employment

Obi Cubana, a Nigerian billionaire, has promised Ekuma Jeremiah, a viral Lagos hawker who was filmed offering money to inmates, a university scholarship and a job.

On Saturday, this was revealed to the world in an Instagram live interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, which you can watch here.

Obi Cubana said:

“I am offering him a lifetime opportunity, he has to go to school I think that is his ambition.

“I will see him through the university and if he wants to do Masters’s abroad, I will make sure he is comfortable while going to school because like I said earlier, that is the best we can do for him.

“He will do University, anything he wants, and then by God’s grace I know I will still be standing by the time he is done with school, he has a place in any of my organizations at the top level and if by God’s grace he finds a higher calling, you see there is nothing tied to this, I do not expect anything in return.

“The guy will go to any University of his choice in good condition not just to pay school fees. He has a heart of gold. These are the kind of people we need.

“I pray that people will do eye service to get my attention, let them do this kind of thing, in doing that you don’t know when you get used to it the world becomes a better place.”

Obi Cubana

According to the Nation Newspaper, a viral Lagos hawker who distributes bottled water in the Ajah region of Lagos state was recently awarded N300,000 for his kindness to convicts.

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