“Davido Has the Best Personality Ever In The Whole Of Africa”– Bobrisky Expresses Admiration For Davido

Bobrisky, a popular cross dresser, praised Davido for his benevolence, stating he has the nicest attitude in Africa and is too good to people.

Bobrisky has already stated that he likes Davido because of how kind he is to others, and that he admires him for it, claiming that he has the best personality in Nigeria and Africa.

According to Bobrisky, he has met Davido countless times at parties, clubs, and other locations but has never said hello to him since he is shy, but he knows and believes that he has the best personality in Africa.

He goes on to claim that he’s overly nice to people and that he typically wouldn’t publish this, but he simply wanted to express his gratitude and nothing more before he regrets not sharing or expressing it when the worst happens.

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