Mummy G.O Alleged Church Members Twerk Wild In Church Room [VIDEO]

A weird dance was caught on camera by alleged church members of famed female evangelist Mummy G.O Born Fummilayo Adebayo.

Mummy G.O, a female preacher, has been trending on social media for days after portions of her sermons were shared.

Mummy G.O has made numerous claims regarding how a person can reach heaven and avoid damnation. In a lot of her preaching, she utilized herself as an example, which made her become viral.

Mummy G.O recently warned her audience that saying “Hello” while on the phone is a sign that a person is going to hell. “Hello,” she claims, is a satanic word that sends people to hellfire if they say it.

Some female church members of Mummy G.O were seen dancing and twerking while the instruments were being played in a new video that has surfaced online.

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