UNIJOS extends commencement of registration for 2020/2021 session

The University of Jos’ management has allowed a two-week extension to the start of Late
Registration for Fresh Undergraduate and Returning Students of the University for the 2020/2021
Academic Session. The exercise will now take place between the hours of 10am and 12am From Monday, February 7th to Friday, February 25th, 2022, during which time, in addition to the N10,000 charges to be paid, As a penalty for late registration, you will be charged.

All first-year undergraduate students who have paid the application fee N25,000.00 The approved
N20,000.00 is to be paid as the rest of their pre-registration fees. School Fees are N45,000.00
for new students and N45,000.00 for returning students.

The University’s Students Union had filed
an appeal in this respect, which resulted in management’s decision.

Suggested by the Government
(SUG), which was carefully studied and approved.

Registration after the deadline

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