“No be Bobrisky balls we dey see so?” – Nigerians reacts as Bobrisky shares unclad photo of himself (WATCH)

Controversial Bobrisky, a Nigerian crossdresser, has once again gotten people talking after posting unclothed images of himself on social media.

The unclothed photo was shared by the male Barbie on Snapchat, and it has since made a sensation on the internet. Bobrisky, who was stylishly covered up with the bedsheets in the photo, boasted that he doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than five million naira on a daily basis.

“She doesn’t stand up from bed for anything less than 5million daily”, he captioned the photo.

Nigerians reacted by claiming that when they zoomed in on the shot, they spotted his testicle.

In other developments, Bobrisky has hinted at another cosmetic surgery procedure.

The crossdresser said this on his official Snapchat account while mourning his body’s transformation after undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL) last year.

He claims that the buttlift operation has resulted in a buildup of fat on his face, which he intends to remove with a face lift and buccal fat removal surgery.

“I have so many surgery to be done dis year, I’m planning doing it around may so i can heal fast before my birthday… Getting my nose done Face lift Buccal fat remover Liposuction Breast lift.

“I understand many of you don’t want me to go though no more pain yeah, but I noticed something hasnt been right about my face after my bbl surgery, my asss is getting bigger yes is cool but some fat are going to face too and is making my face fatter.. I need that buccal fat removal ASAP, I want my face snatch, my doctor said for one month let me control wat i eat then let see if it will go down if not I will need that surgery ASAP”.

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