Man Catches Wife Having S3x With Another Man With Their Newborn Baby Beside Them [VIDEO]

A video of a married woman being discovered by her husband in bed with her lover has gone viral.

The woman can be seen in the video looking helpless as her husband interrogates her.

The unfortunate thing was that her newborn baby was also present.

Meanwhile, Hauwa Mohammed alias Jaruma, a well-known aphrodisiac specialist, has provided meals to detainees at the Nigerian Correctional Service’s Suleja center.

A video showing individuals throwing cartons of noodles, rice, and other food items in front of the prison was released by the businesswoman.

Jaruma also committed to donate to the detainees on a monthly basis till she died.

She said: “I will feed them every month until the day I die. I will send them everything they need once every month until the day I die.”

She also urged members of the public to donate to the inmates.

Jaruma went on to say that anyone who attacked her would be abused.

“Please don’t abuse Jaruma because if you abuse Jaruma, I swear to God Almighty I’ll abuse you back,” she said.

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