“Nah Chest Pain Go K*Ll You” – Uproar As Bobrisky Says He Can Beat His Chest That 96% Of Men In Nigeria Want Him

Bobrisky, the controversial male Barbie, has stated that the majority of Nigerian men desire him and has explained why they are unable to approach him.

According to the male Barbie, 96 percent of Nigerian men want him, but they are terrified of his “wahala” and “bills.”

Some people don’t have the courage to approach him, so they adore him from afar, he added.

The rate at which men approach him for dates is “alarming,” according to the cross dresser.

Meanwhile, Rihanna, an American-Barbadian singer and businesswoman, has taken to Instagram to flaunt her baby bulge just days after her pregnancy was revealed.

The 33-year-old singer raised her top to capture a photo of her expanding stomach from the side.

In the caption, the soon-to-be mother wrote, “How the group pulled up to black history month.”

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