“Na man money dey sweet them” – Reactions as singer, Paul Okoye poses an interesting financial question to women

Paul Okoye, commonly known as Rudeboy, a Nigerian singer, has resorted to social media to raise an intriguing financial question to ladies.

The musician asked women whether they can spend all of their monthly salary on human hair in a post he uploaded on his Instagram account.

He wrote,

“Dear queens, abeg I wan ask ohhh?
If you are earning 250k or your salary is 250k… will you use the money to buy a 250k hair?


The question has elicited a variety of answers on social media, with both men and women contributing to the discussion.

Some ladies claimed that rather than paying for the hair all at once, they would save the money over time.

Men, on the other hand, claim that women are frugal with their own money but enjoy spending a man’s. They believe that women would never squander their hard-earned money.

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