“We Are Not Enemies But We Are Not Friends” –Uche Ogbodo Opens Up On Alleged Beef With Tonto Dikeh

Uche Ogbodo, a veteran actress, has finally spoken out about her alleged quarrel with colleague Tonto Dikeh.

You could recall that Uche Ogbodo uploaded a photo on social media a some weeks ago with her boyfriend Bobby, her colleague Rosy Meurer, and her spouse Churchill Olakunle, who is also Tonto Dikeh’s ex husband.

In the photo, Uche and her boyfriend wore matching outfits, whereas Rosy and Churchill chose a different design.

Tonto Dikeh and Uche Ogbodo are said to be at odds in the photo, which explains why she gets along with Rosy and Churchill.

In an exclusive interview, Uche Ogbodo addressed the supposed feud between herself and Tonto Dikeh.

She said, “People are criticizing me for hanging out with Churchill, why would they criticize me for hanging out with a great man like Churchill and Rosy, an amazing friend of mine. Rosy and Churchill are beautiful souls.

Why will people on earth criticize me for hanging out with them?

I love them, they are my friends and that’s all that matters. They equally love me. Because of that, people call me Tonto Dikeh’s enemy? Oh, really… I didn’t know. Really? They do call me that?

We are not enemies but we are not friends. We’ve never been friends. We have never had any friendship connection in the past.

Ever since I got into Nollywood, we’ve never been friends. We are just colleagues and to call me her enemy, I don’t think I’m her enemy and I’m sure she doesn’t think I’m her enemy. So, we are good.”

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