Another Breakfast Served as Nancy Isime’s Lover Allegedly Takes Back Car from Actress Following Breakup

Nancy Isime’s boyfriend has reportedly returned a car he purchased for her while they were together.

Cuttie Juls, a popular Instagram blogger, took to her page to reveal that Nancy Isime’s ex-boyfriend, Chinedu Petit, had returned the automobile he purchased her as a gift following their breakup.

The post reads…

“Shey most of you read on cutie juls sometime ago that our beautiful Nancy was dating Chinedu Petit, the owner of circa lounge in Lagos?

Hmm Omo, that smallie man na anyhow person. Do you know he haff collected the car he gave out as a present to Nancy while they were dating? Yes o he has.

The thing sef dey tire me then vex me join. Normally Chinedu na anyhow person.

From abuuusing his staff to being extremely roode to his friends etc but I never thought he could do this kian thing. How can you be dating babe for years and still collect a car you claim at the time that you bought for her when relationship Don end.

Abeg. Ladies, for this Nigeria, Lagos especially shine your eyes o. The men haff format. Shey most of them are yahoo boys codedly na so you have to be sharp girl to survive their 419 Chinedu na the one wey dey middle for 2nd slide”.

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