You need to See Bobrisky’s Reaction as James Brown Storms London for the First Time

Bobrisky, a Nigerian crossdresser, has responded to images of his former protégé, James Brown, chilling in London after making his maiden trip to the European country.

Following his arrival in London, James Brown has been tweeting photos and videos from his journey, and fans have been showering him with congratulations.

An Instagram user reached out to Bobrisky to inform him about James Brown’s visit to London.

Bobrisky, who is now holding grudges against James Brown, said he is delighted for him in response to the news

“I’m happy for him,” Bobrisky wrote.

Meanwhile, Pretty Mike, a Nigerian nightlife entrepreneur and socialite, has taught want tobes on social media how to live the “high life and premium life.”

Pretty Mike believes that just because you buy premium drinks doesn’t make you premium, as he claims that in order to play in the premium league, you must have earned premium money on a consistent basis.

You must have spent on premium drip, drive a premium automobile, have premium drip and furniture, fly premium, and most significantly, eat better kpekus and smell premium, according to him.

Netizens reacted to Pretty Mike’s Snapchat post in a variety of ways, and he was humorously ridiculed.

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