Drama as young lady receives 2 loaves of bread, rice & groundnut oil as Val gift

During the 2022 Valentine’s Day, a landlord and a neighbor showed a lady named Esther Kamusy love.

The appreciative lady shared photos of her gifts on social media in response to a poll asking people to report what they got for Valentine’s Day.

The lady’s gifts are pretty unique, including rice, two loaves of bread, and a bottle of vegetable oil.

Esther Kamusy received two loaves of bread, a bottle of vegetable oil, and a measure of rice.

She posted images of the products on Facebook in response to a poll asking people to report what they received as Valentine’s Day gifts.

God bless my landlord and next-door neighbor.
For the present, the lady prayed that God blesses her landlord and neighbor. She claimed that the landlord is a God’s child.

“I got this from my wonderful nightbour and landlord.God bless them for meoooo.”

Others share their gifts

Following in the footsteps of Kamusy, many people who responded to the poll equally shared what they received from their loved ones. Here are a few of them:

“I got the best Valentines gift ever, my daughter sent me a beautiful message. Thanking God for giving her a mother like me. Valentine’s Day is not all about getting a gift but appreciating someone for their love and care.”

“Am so happy Ooooh I got a roasted fish and wine from son chaiiii. May God bless him more and more for me. Amen and Amen.”

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