“Never forget where you come from” – Massive Jubilation In The Hood As Buju Returns To Old Base To Eat Amala [VIDEO]

Afro-fusion music is a popular genre. Daniel Benson, better known by his stage as Buju TYE, is a singer and musician who has made his old hood pals grin.

Many artists forget their roots as soon as they get fame, and they begin to regard themselves as too important to sink as low as visiting the trenches where they previously fought.

Buju has distinguished himself by demonstrating his love for his community and implying to all that there is no place like home as he returns to his old neighborhood for a plate of Amala, a typical Nigerian dish.

When you fall in love with a certain cuisine at a certain base, it’s difficult to ignore it completely, and that’s exactly how Buju felt leading up to his comeback.

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