Nigerian Multiple Winning Award Singer Davido Mentions Why He Stopped Dressing in Western Clothing for Performance

One of today’s biggest artists is the Nigerian musician Davido. He is well-known for both his music and his motto, “We Rise By Lifting Others.” He recently collaborated with controversial American rapper DaBaby and grew close to him. On top of that, on his most recent tour, he wore only clothing from African designers for performances and public appearances.

Davido obviously has a lot to say, so when Rolling Stone had the chance to sit down with him for a conversation, I knew it was going to be fantastic. Here are some of the conversation’s important moments and quotes from Davido.

When he came out, people used to always compare us. It was the energy, the eyes. And then funny enough, everybody around DaBaby is African. Everybody. I like his work ethic. I just see a lot of myself in him; the way he carries people along as well.

Talking about how he deals with being friends with DaBaby after DaBaby’s controversies, Davido said:

Speaking about why he stopped wearing Western clothes to perform, Davido said:

Normally, I be putting in a big budget — It could be thousands, hundreds, crazy on clothes. So this year I was like, ‘Yo, why are we celebrating African music and wearing western clothes? Might as well do the whole package. Let’s give people opportunities.