Simi share – How I’m constantly reminded I’m a mother despite trying to be a baddie

Simi jokes about how she’s constantly reminded that she’s a mother even if she tries to act nasty.

Simi shares the common desire of all mothers to occasionally experience life as a villain. However, Simi is continually reminded that it is virtually impossible.

The singer, who is also a mother, recounted a day in her life while attempting to get out and about in the city while she is now abroad in the United States.

Despite Simi’s best efforts, the Instagram story photo of her decked out didn’t quite convey the “baddie vibe” she was going for because there were stray toys on the floor, One half of a pair of shoes, an iPad, and a cup on the bed are all displayed in the picture frame. None other than her daughter is the owner of all of these.

Although it serves as a reminder that she has a child at home even though she is out and about trying to be badass, the singer said that she still loves the picture in spite of everything.

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