“Love Birds Can Fly To Everywhere They Like To Fly” Congratulations pour as Kiitan Bukola got engaged (video)

A few months after she was accused of having affair with a married man, actress, Kiitan Bukola got engaged to her lover.

Kiitan Bukola took to social media to announce the good news to her fans.

Sharing a clip of the proposal and her new lover she wrote: I am taken 💃💃❤️❤️❤️ No more hide and seek it’s official ❤️❤️

A few month ago, Kiitan Bukola was called out for allegedly dating a married man responsible for her frivolous lifestyle and recent acquisitions.

Arewajoint, alleged that the man identified as Orlando is Bukola Kiitan’s highest sponsor amidst her other boyfriends.

According to the Arewajoint, Mr Orlando was recently paid a massive amount of money by an oil company and spent lavishly on many Nollywood stars instead of spending on his wife and children whom he dumped in America.

Arewajoint, dded that Orlando’s wife is threatening fire and brimstone and may start a fight with Bukola Kiitan soon.

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