What is happening to her, is she sick? – Fans express deep concerns to Mercy Johnson’s new body

Mercy Johnson ’s weight and belly fat loss has become something which is worth talking about. For those of you who don’t know Mercy Johnson,let us give a bit of information about her.

Johnson is a well known African actress born and raised in Nigeria.

She is a house hold name when it comes Nigerian movies. Johnson is a mother,a wife,compere and entrepreneur.

The actress was a voluptuous lady naturally; coupled with baby making,exploded her weight.

But we all know that, as a celebrity, she needs to keep up appearances and that included keeping watch of her weight and belly pooch.

In the recent pictures she shared today many of her fans aren’t so pleased with her weight loss journey as she has lost so much weight and as result this has got so many people concerned about her state of health. See photos of her recent look below;

Having a bit of flesh is not bad. Being fleshy with good eating habits goes a long waayyyyy. But being overweight with bad eating habits is detrimental to one’s health and as such we commend her for the feat she has achieved and even going as far as to share her method with us.

Mercy Johnson’s weight loss indeed sends hope to those who think and feel that they cannot loose their unwanted weight gain.

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