“The One You Want Don’t Want You ,Why I’m Not Marr1ed At 44 – Actor, Nonso Diobi Finally Opens Up

Popular Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi has opened up in an interview on why he is still not marr1ed at the age of forty-four.

In an interview with BBC Igbo, Nonso disclosed that he is not marr1ed because a lot of wom3n are not patient with actors because they don’t understand the nature of their jobs.

Nonso Diobi disclosed how his “highly mobile” lifestyle has affected his love life and dating life.

Talks about w1fe and girlfriend interest me but I’ll only have the woman I’m destined to. What I found is that not everyone can be patient with actors like me. We hardly have time. From dawn till dusk, I’m on the road,” he said.

“It’s either one country/state or another. I hardly remain in one location for too long. And I don’t even stay in my house. I live like a sojourner. Of course, there’s someone for whom I have a thing but I won’t discuss that publicly.”

“That’s personal. Everyone knows I don’t bring my private life into work. But there’s definitely someone. We have a thing for each other, although we don’t know how it’s going to work for us just yet.”

“So far, it gives me joy that I act and people watch; commend me. It’s like a lifetime satisfaction. Acting is basically storytelling on video. People who want my place are many. So it’s clear that I have to work harder. It’s not easy” he added.

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