There is something wrong with a man if he doesn’t own a home before getting marr1ed. ― Lilian Afegbai, a performer (Video)

Lilian said that the house should be in his name when Toke questioned whether it had to be his own or a rental unit.

According to Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai, there is something wrong with a man who does not possess a home before getting marri3d.

The actor who made this comment in a conversation with media personality Toke Makinwa noted that if a man considering marriage can afford to have basic possessions like a house and a car, then he should also have them.

When Toke asked if the house must be his own or a rented apartment, Lilian responded that the house should be in his name.

Toke then pointed out to her that not many young men have their own house, and Lilian replied,

“Then something is wrong. Because even me as a young girl, I don dey… That means you don’t even have… you don’t have a fu… you’re not helping… you can’t be with me.”

“Because, me I’m a young girl, I’m already paying small small. Every month I go squeeze money, pay. Before you know now I don pay finish. So you cannot come and tell me. No be say I even get pass anybody. You cannot come and tell me that you really need to have so much money to buy a house in Lagos. That’s a lie. That means you don’t even understand real estate. That means you cannot even be with me. We are not even mentally inclined, do you get? So, God has chased you for me.” She added.

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