Me and seniorman – At SirBalo’s wedding, Sabinus is all smiles when he see James Brown

On Saturday, December 3, SirBalo, a skit creator, and his lover exchanged vows. As was to be expected, many of SirBalo’s coworkers attended the celebration and unquestionably added to its vibrancy and memorability.

Sabinus, who was among those who stood out at the event, posted a video of the time he and crossdresser James Brown Obialor caused a scene on his Facebook page.

In the video, James Brown could be seen twerking sensationally while Sabinus made gestures that encouraged the crossdresser to do more.

James Brown eventually took off his suit while Sabinus took off his agbada. James continued to shake while Sabinus placed a wad of cash on his butt.

Watch the video below:

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