Popular Crossdresser, Bobrisky Unleashed His B3droom Video After James Brown Did The Same (video)

Bobrisky has joined the video tape leak gang’ just after his fellow crossdresser, James Brown, made headlines following the leak of his s&x tape with a woman.

Also commenting on video tape leaks, Bobrisky stated that while he tries to act classy, he’s actually naughty with his man.

Recall that some weeks ago Bobrisky reacted after a man claimed to get an ailment after drawing a tattoo of him.

The man claimed that a strange ailment took over him as a result of complications from the tattoo of Bobrisky he inked on his arm.

Recall, in March 2021, he tattooed Bobrisky’s face on his arm and expressed his love for the crossdresser.

Reacting to this, Bobrisky went live on Instagram to make it clear that he has no hand in whatever happens to the boy because he never forced anyone to make a tattoo of him.


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