Actress, Didi Ekanem Shows Off Her Jumping Rope Skills In New (Video)

When Didi Ekanem posts brand-new videos of herself on social media, her fans react in kind. She is a gifted actress.

Didi Ekanem shared a photo of herself working out in her compound on her official Instagram page.

“Just since skipping works on all part of the body, I’m here for it,” the curvaceous actress, who is well known for her incredible physique and avant-garde sense of style, captioned the video. Didi Ekanem wore a headscarf knotted around her head and fashionable footwear with her joggers.

The gifted actress recorded herself while engaging in a cardio routine that burns a lot of calories quickly. She also shifted her gaze away from the camera as she made another jump.

Click the link below to watch the video;

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