Some Need Small Money To Survive, But Someone Borrowed 1 Million To Do Bum Bum” – Says Nancy Iheme (watch)

In a recent Instagram post, well-known Nollywood actress Iheme Nancy questioned her colleague Luchy Donalds. Donalds asserted that he gave a buddy one million naira without knowing that she would spend it on cosmetic surgery.

How could someone borrow that much money to perform yansh when they only needed two hundred thousand naira for their personal maintenance, she questioned.

She claimed that the woman had acted improperly and despicably, and that Luchy Donalds had to be extremely affluent to have borrowed such a sizable sum from them. Despite the fact that many people are looking for small sums of money to survive, she insisted.

The individual in issue made the decision to spend money on bodily augmentation. She asserted that she cannot even imagine changing her own physique because she is content with it as it is.


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