Mother gives baby ‘Tramadol’ for deep sleep in order to go clubbing,baby di€s While she is partying

If you are not ready to make sacrifices for your children don’t even bother to birth one. Motherhood requires a lot of patience, it’s a whole lot of work entirely, if you are not physically, or mentally ready, please try to use protection.

According to reports, this slay queen mother gave her 6-month-old baby tramadol for a deep sleep so that she could comfortably go and enjoy herself in the club with her friends.

Unfortunately, she returned home to meet the corpse of her baby who had been d€€d long ago.

According to eyewitness Ubong Sabbath who shared the tragic story on Facebook;

This lady you see here committed an abomination last night in Likomba, Tiko. Despite having a newborn baby of few months old in hand, she wanted to go clubbing with friends.”

“She decided to give him tramadol so he can fall deep asleep. This way she can go party with her friends.”

“She gave her the tramadol and locked the baby inside the house. She returned home this morning only to find out the baby di€d as a result of the hard drug she gave him?

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