“My daughter is the tallest 14 years I have seen” – Actress Liade Bakare gushes over daughter

Nigerian actress Liade Bakare took to social media to express her pride in her daughter, Simi.

In a post on Instagram, Bakare shared a photo of Simi, who recently turned 14, and wrote, “My photocopy @simlineboss tallest 14yr I have seen.

– I rembred wen she said den dat ,,,,e fun mummy mi ni owo if u want God to give you money😀😀😀😀

– What is she eating…if she clock 20 how wil she look like…I have a junior sis like her, 18 yrs you will call her my mummy…she’s my Aunt second child

– Im scared too 😂😂 my 4years old sn as already passed my navel. I am 6″1ft tall 😂😂 make baba no sha dey too tall😂 Anyways your daughter looks so adorable

– This one na 14 ? 😂 if I been dey waka see am for road toast my younger sister 😂😂😂😂

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