I Didn’t Abandon My Family, As He Says 7-Year-Old Comedian Kiriku (watch)

Seven-year-old comedian Enorense Victory, also known as Kiriku, has recently come under fire after a TikTok video surfaced.

In which a young woman claiming to be his sister accused him of abandoning his family after becoming successful and wealthy. However, Kiriku has denied these claims, and has taken to social media to defend himself and show that he has not abandoned his family.

He shared photographs with his family members, introducing them to his fans, and disassociating himself from the woman in the TikTok video. He wrote, “MY Names are ENORENSE VICTORY popularly known as Kiriku. This is the only family that I have.”

The young comedian went on to show pictures of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enorense, and his older brother, who is the first son of his parents. He also included a photo from his second birthday, with his family, taken two years ago. Kiriku then wrote, “Please Disclaimer the trending video on TikTok.”

It is not clear who the woman in the TikTok video is, or if she is actually related to Kiriku. However, the young comedian’s response and evidence of his family has likely helped to clear up any confusion and put the rumors to rest.

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