“Don’t Judge My Past” – Bobrisky’s Ex-PA and P*0rn star, Oye Kyme Announces She’s Born Again (Video)

Oye Kyme, an Ivorian social media influencer, has declared that she has committed her life to Christ and asks that others respect her decision.

During an Instagram live session, the former personal assistant of Nigerian transgender Bobrisky made the announcement.

Fans berated her for her actions with Bobrisky and other men, but she responded that she shouldn’t harshly held accountable for her prior transgressions.

Oye asserted that she never made the claim to be flawless or virginal and that the fact that she has chosen to turn a new page should be commended rather than criticized.

The young lady claimed that she was the only one who knew the circumstances behind her decision to receive Jesus Christ into her life.

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