Why Me and My Boyfriend’s Relationship Will Last Even Though Celebrity Unions Are Crashing – Phyna

Over the last coupl33 of years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of celebrity couples who are calling it quits for one reason or the other.

During a new interview with TVC, Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up winner Phyna was asked if the crashing of high profile relatonships scares her, if she will ever dat a celebrity, and what she thinks of faking it till you make it. Here is what Phyna said.

Well, it is because most people front the celebrity life. I for myself, when I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t even look like a celebrity. In fact, I don’t even talk celebrity. I am like me, like a normal girl. So it is when you now start bringing in “I do this, I am this, I am that” in marrages and relatonships of celebrities, that’s when they start having problems.

But if you can just try to make your own marriage or relatonship seem more like normal people with normal lives, it’s going to be successful. We have celebrities that are in successful marrages right now. I think that’s what I feel will work and it works for me.

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