Reactions As Richie Demorest Posts New Adorable Photos Rocking A Beautiful Black Outfit (video)

Richie Demorest, also known as Inyene Obong, is a model, media personality, and social media influencer. The celebrity lady sparked tremendous reactions from followers a few hours ago after taking to her social media handles to reveal new lovely images of herself.

Richie Demorest was spotted looking terrific in a gorgeous black attire in the photos. Furthermore, the images were uploaded on Richie Demorest’s official Instagram profile.

Richie Demorest is also a fashionista who is known for uploading images of herself on social media, which I believe is what many people admire about her.

Also, while sharing the pictures online, she added this caption which reads, ‘Excuse me’

Click to watch video 👉

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