Young Nigerian Maths genius & human calculator who broke 8-years record to strike a perfect score in the International youth maths challenge

Meet Philip Onyeaka, the young mathematics genius & human calculator who broke an 8-years Record to strike a Perfect score in the International Youth Maths Challenge (IYMC) beating over 2000 Participants – National stage.

Philip Onyeaka, an Academic staff from the Ideal international college Kaduna, Nigeria displayed extraordinary genius in the just concluded International Youth Maths Challenge (IYMC), the genius cracked & solved tough Mathematical Problems ranging from Calculus, Combinatorics, Algebra, Number Theory,e.t.c.

The young genius striked a Perfect score of 60-Points (Highest obtainable points), in the thrilling Mathematics challenge.

The low profile genius bagged Gold medal, Plaque award & a certificate of excellence, emerging the best candidate at the National stage. This feat added a feather to his cap.

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