“Will you take care of him if I leave him?” – Mr Ibu’s daughter asks those advising her to leave the family

Chioma Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of veteran comedy actor John “Mr. Ibu” Okafor, has stated that she will not leave him regardless of disagreements or misunderstandings in the family.

This comes days after the actor’s wife, Stella Maris, in a viral video alleged that Mr. Ibu and Jasmine were in a romantic relationship.

Netizens advised Jasmine to leave the family since she does not appear to be valued enough despite all she did for them.

Responding to the unsolicited advice, she made a video with the actor and queried that if she left him any of the people giving her advice would agree to take care of him.

She wrote;

“If I leave am you go help me take care of am”

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