Reaction as Nigerian lady dances with account number in hand at wedding, tells guests to make transfer (Video)

At a wedding, a well-endowed Nigerian woman who was dancing with her bank account information caused a sensation.

The ability of Nigerians to adapt in the face of adversity, such as the scarcity of Naira notes and the high cost of gasoline, is one of their best qualities. As a result, many of their innovative solutions went viral.

In a video that’s becoming viral online, People almost confused the woman, who was wearing a well-tailored pink gown, for the bride. She was spotted holding a piece of paper with a written account number.

The woman dancing alone in the video held a large rectangular piece of paper in her hand. She held it in her hand as if it were a stylish hand fan.

However, it became clear upon closer inspection that what she was showing was a bank account number. She obviously wanted guests to see it and make transfers if they didn’t bring cash to the wedding.

Click to watch video 👉

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