Nigerian singer buys Range Rover as Valentine gift for his woman (watch)

A young musician known as Boylexxy has said the best way for men to celebrate their women this Valentine is to spend lavishly.

He revealed that he bought a brand-new Range Rover for his woman, because it is the proper way to show love.

The man further said hinted that a man is not serious if he chooses to surprise his girlfriend or wife with cake as Valentine’s gift.

One of the pictures showed the car sales man counting the dollars which the singer used to purchase the Range Rover.

@Ezigbo_mmadu; Abeg shift who you wan impress? You bought Range for babe, wey dey sneak go meet guy with Corolla. Small boys of nowadays no dey get sense.

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@koreanbunkies; Cut your coat according to your size. Someone who has money for a range would buy one, but someone who can only afford a cake…theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all love is love

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