The Nollywood Actress Nancy Isime’s Done It Five Times About Clothes And Brought Ins¢lts For Her Self (watch)

Nigerian actress and media personality, Nancy Isime, is one of the most beloved celebrities in Nigeria because of her bubbling personality and likeable persona. Of course as a celebrity.

she also has to go out for events as well as keep up with a social media presence, which means she has to wear different clothes and experiment with fashion and style. Like everybody, sometimes these outfits are praised, and sometimes the outfits bring insults.

Today we’ll be counting down 5 Times Nancy Isime’s Clothes Brought Her Insu¢ts. Are you ready to see what they are? Then let’s go!

When Nancy Isime posted this picture of her dressed as a fictional character named Sister Amaka, it was obviously done in good fun and as a joke.

Click To Watch The Video👇🏽

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