“M€n Will Buy” Curvy Lady Dressed in Tight Playsuit Goes to Sell Agbalumo, Video Turns Heads and Goes Viral (Watch)

A TikTok video has shown a curvy lady who went to sell African star apple popularly called agbalumo or udala.

The agbalumo seller was spotted wearing a tight playsuit that showed her nice shap€ and beauty.

The 11 seconds video opened with the lady standing and waiting for the tray of agbalumo to be placed on her head.

She had a folded wrapper on her head and it is meant for the tray to sit on. She was standing and smiling invitingly to potential customers.

A woman helped her to carry the agbalumo after which she used her own hands to support the tray and balance it on her head.

Click To Watch The Video👇🏽



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