“Young girls u never worth it” – Burna Boy’s ex, Stefflon Don advises wom€n to work hard and don’t s€ll their body for mon€y or envy anyone

British rapper and ex-girlfriend of singer, Burna Boy, Stefflon Don has advised women to work for their own money and not allow any man to disrespect them.

Taking to her Instagram story, Stefflon Don appealed to younger women to stop idolizing a lifestyle they can’t afford and maintain. She emphasized that women should get a livelihood and forget about social media.

Stefflon Don further stressed that women should never allow a boy/man to disr€spect them because of money.

She wrote: “Young girls please stop idolizing the “it” girls they s€lling. For a “Lifestyle” they can’t maintain on their own & getting disr€spected. It’s never worth it. Go get it your self Whether its school a business or a job. Get it! You are amazing and beautiful also.

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