I Have Been Extremely Po0r And There’s No Award For The Best In Suff€ring- Actress Bisola Aiyeola

Popular actress and reality TV star, Bisola Aiyeola has revealed that she was extremely poor and there’s no award for the best in suffering.

During her makeup session on a movie set, different thoughts crossed her mind and she decided to share them with her fans.

She said anyone that says there are awards for people who suffer is a big liar. She said she use to think like that before but not anymore, adding that everyone deserves the best life


She said suffering is not good for anyone and she was once extremely poor and had to depend on other neighbors’ food to survive but now she’s enjoying comfort.

She said she can buy whatever she wants and has enjoyed a bit of luxury. She said people should get up and hustle and when everything gets better, they will be proud to enjoy the result of their hard work.

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