Comedian Dele Omowoli shares video of his son flaunting his expertise in bottle water challenge – Zlatan no fit beat am” (Video)

Dele Omowoli Oladimeji, a well-known Nigerian comedian, has sparked comments on social media after posting a video of his son David performing the popular bottle water challenge with ease.

Zlatan attempts the water bottle challenge alongside his coworkers and other Nigerians, but all efforts are in vain because no Nigerian has been able to match Zlatan’s talent. Many have speculated that Zlatan may be using jazz because of how effortlessly he completes the challenge.

But, Dele Omowoli recently released a video online in which he described how his son David, a young boy, won the hearts of many family members by demonstrating his mastery of the bottle water challenge.

The young youngster in the video performed the bottle-of-water challenge continually while being filmed, easily succeeding, which elicited a huge response from social media users.

Click to watch video 👉

Watch the video below

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