I Love Them But Sometimes They Feel Afraid To Approach Me, I Will Love To Hug And K.3.ss You – watch (video)

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Famous Nollywood actress Luchy Donalds has said she is perplexed as to why her admirers are reluctant to approach her despite the fact that she also likes them.

This was revealed by the actress yesterday in a post on her official Instagram account. The actress claims to like her followers and admirers and would want to express her gratitude for their ongoing support.

She claimed that despite her love for children, sometimes they are hesitant to approach her. She warned those who admired her not to get shivers when they saw her since she wouldn’t bite them.

Luchy continued by saying that she loves her fans and would like to kiss them all one day. Her fans are a big part of what she lives for.

Click to watch video 👉https://bit.ly/3Xx19AU

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