I pray that my best friends get everything they are working hard for. They deserve it Lord – Regina Daniels (watch)

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In her recent post on Instagram, Regina Daniels showered praises on her husband. She thanked her husband for being an amazing person and always making her feel like a princess.

“I just want to let you know how awesome you are. Despite being your wife, I admire you, your ways, and your sense of humor. Thank you for being very wamazing and always making me feel like a princess“.

Recently, Regina Daniels praised her husband in a post on Instagram. She praised her hubby for always treating her like a princess and for being such a wonderful person.

She wrote, in her own words;

“I just wanted to say what a great person you are. Although I’m your wife, I still respect you and your methods, as well as your sense of humor. I appreciate how wonderful you are and how you always treat me like a princess.

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