Actress Rahama Sadau Poses With Her Gorgeous Sister Fatima “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” on social media (photos)

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The beautiful Kannywood Actress, Rahama Sadau has taken to her official social media accounts to share some of her beautiful pictures together with her lookalike Sister, Fatimah Sadau. Following her post on Instagram, Fatima Sadau is not just a sister to her, she also consider her as her friend.

It is indeed true that Blood is thicker than water, the pictures of Rahama Sadau and her sister, Fatima made people to realized that they really look alike. Below is the screenshot evidence of Rahama Sadau’s Post on Instagram.

Credit: Rahama Sadau/ Instagram.

Check out some of the beautiful pictures of Actress Rahama Sadau and her Sister, Fatima Below.

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