“My Bride Price Is Now 100 Million US Dollars” – Actress Boss-Mother Says

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One of the Nigerian actresses, who is also a social media influencer known as Boss-Mother, has divided opinions on Instagram after she revealed what it cost to pay her bride price.

It is not the first time that female celebrities have come out to reveal what it takes to seek their hands in marrage, but the amazing part of her own claim is the price of the money. Not only did she make that shocking revelation, but her outfit also got people’s attention in the process.

Her decision to announce the amount of her bridal price fee has set up a debate among her fans who, for one reason or another, have different opinions about whether she is worth it or not.

In the pictures she shared, she wore an open-chest bodycon outfit that fit her perfectly. While her beautiful make-up is a perfect match for her skin color, her hairstyle did not go unnoticed as well, as it is designed with colorful beads.

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