Tracey Boakye Trolled After Flaunting Fendi Bag to Challenge of Jackie Appiah (watch)

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Actress Tracey Boakye has come under fire after an attempt to show her class was soundly rejected by netizens.

Boakye, currently chilling in the USA, dropped a photo standing in snow modelling a Fendi bag in completely white top and down, sneakers, a cap and a scarf.

Her post, coming just a day after Jackie Appiah broke the internet with her Goyard bag and breakfast in London, inevitably drew comparisons.

Boakye was accused of attempting to challenge Jackie in the class department and the verdict was that ‘wawe potoorr!’

According to netizens, Tracey is just Sakatuu and will forever remain sakatuu – she simply cannot touch Jackie’s class!

Check out Tracey’s ensemble below, watch Jackie in the attached video, and compare the two!

click to watch video👇🏽

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