Why I So Much Lov€ Ramsey Nouah for What He Did for Me in 2011 – Actress Adunni Ade Spills It Out (watch)

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There is competition in basically every industry around the world. Be it healthy or unhealthy competition, when two or more people are doing exactly the same thing, or have the same job, it is human nature for some sort of competition, good or bad, to begin. One industry where we see a lot of blatant competition in front of our face is the entertainment industry.

Between award shows, box office charts, music charts, artistes seem to always be in constant competition for biggest film, biggest song, best acting performance, etc. So because of this, it is always refreshing to see when actors hail each other in an industry that can be so combative some times.

Today, Adunni Ade took to social media to celebrate veteran actor Ramsey Nouah who she says she has loved and has been such a helping hand to her since 2011. Here is what Adunni Ade said and the reason why she so much lov3s the actor.

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